Franklin County straddles 2 of the largest Wine Trails in Missouri: Hermann District & Augusta Trail.
One item of note is the distinction between Vineyards & Wineries in Missouri.
Wineries in Missouri are required to grown their own grapes used in Wines within our State and also make those wines available to consumers.
Vineyards, though they may grow their own MO grapes, are permitted to import grapes from other states & often offer non-Missouri Wines.

Here’s our brief recommendations for those regions as well as other wineries in the vicinity:

Hermann Wine District

Hermannhof Vineyards
330 E 1st St, Downtown

Stone Hill Winery
1110 Stone Hill Hwy, Uptown

Adam Puchta Winery
1947 Frene Creek Road, South

Lost Creek Vineyard
21356 Gore Rd, McKittrick

Highway 94 Wine Trail

Blumenhof Winery
13699 South Highway 94, Dutzow

Augusta Winery
5601 High St, Augusta

Montelle Winery
201 Montelle Dr, Augusta

Chandler Hill Vineyard
596 Defiance Rd, Defiance

Other Area Wineries

Belmont Winery
5870 Old Route 66, Leasburg

White Mule Winery
2087 U.S. 50, Owensville

St. Jordan Creek Winery
2829 U.S. Highway 50, Beaufort

Robller Winery
275 Robller Vineyard Road, New Haven